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Google Adwords – Pay-Per-Click Online Marketing (PPC)

By means of paid for online marketing, your practice can target specific users online that are looking for your service in your area. This way you can achieve instant, immediate ranking for your practice and chosen keywords or phrases. Google is far and away the biggest, most popular search engine and they offer a range of affordable advertising plans that deliver results for very low costs. PPC or pay-per-click is the most common from of advertising they offer.Get it right and it is a very cost effective means of marketing and will give you great visibility, drive the right people to your site and give you a good ROI. Get it wrong and you will waste a lot of money on wasted clicks.With PPC, you target specific keywords and when people are searching for these words; your practice will come up at the top of search rankings. You will pay for each user that clicks through and view your site. It is very specialised and requires experience and expertise in order to be effective.


  • Call us today for a free, obligation free analysis of your current solution and a proposal to maximize your returns and results. What needs to be done for a Google Adwords Campaign?
  • Below are some of the techniques or experienced team use to optimize your PPC
  • Keyword analysis, selection and matching
  • Keyword bidding and quality scoring
  • Negative keyword selection
  • Waste minimization
  • Geo-targeting
  • Landing page optimization
  • Ad copywriting and Graphic design
  • Click-through rate


  • Video (YouTube) ads
  • Content network ads
  • Bing and Yahoo search networks
  • Dental marketing
  • Google Analytics, Webmaster Tool and Adwords tests
  • Budgeting strategy
  • Ad ranking plans and rotation scheduling
  • Ad extensions design
  • The most important aspect is to avoid waste by filtering out the unwanted visitors. This is where most inexperienced people or companies get PPC wrong, especially when the companies are not local. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced experts understand your market and the local market. They are experts in PPC advertising and will reduce waste in order to give you the maximum returns on your ad spend.Ideally you want all aspects of online presence to be positive, relevant and targeted to the right people. This can only be achieved by experienced experts. Our team have the knowledge and skills to optimize your SEO,

PPC and all other aspects of your online marketing.t is not a simple procedure at all. Setting it up is not that hard but to it correctly takes skill, knowledge and experience. That way, the adverts are created correctly and placed correctly, aimed at the right people, at the right and in the right

place.That will mean minimal waste. If target incorrectly most of your money will be completely wasted. Done right, however, and the ad will be fine-tuned to your exact target market and potential patients. Many of them will see the adverts and become patients as a direct result of the Google Ad.


  • Low Initial Cost
  • Target Specific Traffic
  • High ROI
  • Define your own budget
  • Test Marketing Campaigns
  • Instant results and traffic
  • Tracking success
  • Target advert in specific areas
  • Suggestions on high volume keywords
  • Improves hands-on experience

Another great benefit is that AdWords are measurable and flexible. No other advertising medium will give you the sort of specifics you will get from PPC metrics.We know how to do things right but if something changes or there is something new that you want to do, Adwords is flexible enough to make these changes.Google Adwards will do a lot for your online marketing campaign by getting more visibility for your practice, getting your site to rank higher and get more traffic.90% of all Google searches are for products or services, that is the way a large percentage of the population works. This number is only going to get bigger and your practice has to take advantage of this.The problem is that you competition are also aware of this so you have to always be one step ahead and do things better. As we specialise in the dental industry, we understand the market and the competition and know how to effectively structure your Adwords spend to get the best return.