Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is awesome


Facebook is by far the most relevant, widely used and effective social media platform to advertise your dental practice. it is also extremely cost effective.again, if not done correctly, by people that understand how it should be done, that understand your business and the local market, it will not be effective and result in a huge amount of wasted time and money.

Powerful Adverting

In the past, many practices could develop and build up a reasonable organic following on Facebook by themselves. Facebook is a business at the end of the day and the realize they are a powerful adverting and marketing platform.

Adverts on Facebook

The great thing is that you really do not have to spend a fortune to get results. Adverts on Facebook are around the cheapest you will per 1000 impression ever, from about $0.25 per 1,000.Paid advert are also more likely to lead to a direct action that converts into money.You can get instant results from spending as little a few $ a day. In the early days it was easy enough to create a presence and relevance on Facebook.The same as the internet, Facebook has experienced exponential growth over the years and with more people using specialist and paying for visibility,it has become more difficult for even the most Facebook savvy amateur to keep up and remain highly visible.Facebook allows you to be highly selective of who you target with your ad spend. This is a skill that takes knowledge and experience. If you get it right, there will be minimal waste on your efforts and maximum ROI.It is a great way to reach specific targeted audiences that are geographically relevant to your practice. You can even direct it to the specific demographic you are targeting so your ads can be directed to specific choice of gender, age, location and even job position.


Facebook For Business Purposes

As much as you are using Facebook for business purposes, it is still a social platform. Take advantage of that to engage with your existing patients

Sharing Information

By sharing information and news that will be of interest and relevance to these people, you will solidify existing relationships and create new ones. This will make your practice more credible and likable.

Facebook Users

It also gives you the opportunity to listen to what other Facebook users are saying about your practice as well as your competitors. These insights are a valuable source of critical marketing information.


Patients can provide feedback or post questions on your Facebook wall. If this is managed correctly, it will not only improve service and relationships but help to elevate your practice. It will show existing and potential patients that you care and follow up on any issues.

Increase awareness of your practice and encourage positive word-of-mouth

By people liking and sharing your page and posts, it will grow your following and exposure. Once patients start posting positive massages the power is phenomenal. An endorsement of your practice by someone Facebook friend is trusted and believed and is very powerful